Portland Area Sewer Inspection for Your Home?

Whether it’s a new home or an older home, it’s a wise investment to inspect the sewer line. Make sure to scope the sewer line as part of your inspection process.

What You Can't See, Can Effect You!

Buying A Home?

Whether your a home owner, or purchasing a home. This inspection is your eyes underground.

Many times we take for granted that our plumbing system will always work, until that dreadful day when water and sewage starts to flood your house. Ending with large repair costs, and potential loss of unreplacable items.

Don't Let This Happen To You!

Scoping your sewer line by a trained professional can stop this potential disaster from happening. Scopes can show if there are; roots, breaks, offsets, bellies, and seperations in the sewer before you purchase this unwanted expiernce.